Franchise FAQs

Are you thinking about opening a Foster’s Grille franchise in your neighborhood? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about the process.

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What are the financial requirements for opening my own Foster’s Grille franchise location?
We require all new franchise owners to have a minimum net worth of $500K, including a minimum of $100K in liquid capital.
I’ve never owned a restaurant before. Is that a problem?
No. While prior restaurant experience is a big plus, it’s not a requirement. Our experienced franchise team will help you learn the ropes.
How do I know if my community is a good fit for a Foster’s Grille franchise?
Our franchise is a little bit rock ‘n’ roll and a little bit country. We offer hearty and delicious food that will satisfy the most demanding appetite. Our locations, staff and franchise owners are always friendly, welcoming and casual with guests. Foster’s Grille is a good fit for neighborhoods that match our personality.
What specific demographics should I look for when researching potential Foster’s Grille franchise locations?
We find franchise locations in communities with a population around 40,000 individuals, and an average household income of $50K or above.
When choosing a location, should I focus on certain sites over others?
Look for a potential location that is surrounded by a concentration of commercial, residential and/or professional developments. Nearby entertainment venues — movie theatres or bowling alleys, for example — are a big plus.
What about the location itself. What type and/or size of building should I look for?
Freestanding and attached locations both work for Foster’s Grille franchises. If considering an attached location, choose an upscale strip mall and go with a corner location if possible. If you’re looking at free-standing options, be sure there is easy access to the lot. Either way, you want a location that offers good visibility and approximately 2,000-3,000 square feet of interior space.
What if I want to open multiple locations?
That’s great! We offer both single unit franchises, as well as multi-unit Area Development Agreements. Our franchise team members will be happy to discuss your options with you.
How do things work with franchise fees and royalties?
Your one-time franchise fee for a single franchise is $40,000. After that, your monthly fees will include a royalty fee and a national advertising fee.